Sanders and other recent events

Skived off work before Super Tuesday to go to a Sanders rally in a neighboring city in Oklahoma. Exhausting, strenuous (the last rally I went to, I was a very small child and was carried. I didn’t realize how much standing or sitting on concrete there was.), and stressful. As gratifying as crowds chanting ‘break them up’ is, when your paycheck ultimately comes from banks, it makes you nervous about being associated with it. Got to see him speak from a few feet away though, after the rally. I’d talk about how exciting it was to see so many supporters and how many there were, but he won the primary in Oklahoma so it feels a little redundant.

Watched the debate with Wee Fierce Beastie and liveblogged it, but I need to see about a more public medium for it for me. She has plenty of readers on Facebook, but mostly my liveblogging is read by her. WordPress is a bit time consuming for snap posts and they get a bit spammy anyways. Considering twitter, I did set up @voiceoftheguard, which I’m impressed was available.

I think this was the best debate yet. Sanders pissed me off being alarmist about destroying the American gun manufacturing industry if we regulate it too heavily (…so where’s the downside? I jest…except I’m kind of not). Clinton pissed me off for a variety of reasons. Defending corporate welfare (The State Department is Boeing’s international sales division, and just because everyone else does it doesn’t mean it’s right for us to do it too), evading calls for her to release her Wall Street paid speeches (Sanders isn’t refusing to release his speeches to Wall Street, saying you’ll release them when everyone else does the same is a bullshit dodge, Clinton), and, near and dear to every Oklahoman, fracking. Not a word about earthquakes, just saying local communities should be able to ban it (great, except when the next county over doesn’t and the earthquakes don’t respect our local political boundaries), methane emissions (doesn’t do anything to stop it from happening here), and releasing a full list of chemicals they put into the fracking fluid (I don’t give a damn. I fully acknowledge that pumping it deep enough, with impermeable strata between it and aquifers will keep it from contaminating our water tables. Now, keeping it from compromising our bedrock, I don’t see how that helps.)

Bernie is doing well with delegate counts, though. 471 to Clinton’s 658, once you skip superdelegates which shouldn’t be counted at this point. There are just under three thousand delegates still up for grabs, this primary fight is far from over.